Mind Power

Mind at WorkThe power of your mind, particularly through belief, is astonishing.  In the book The power of belief: psychosocial influences on illness, disability and medicine authors Peter Halligan and Mansel Aylward say:  “In particular, the beliefs held by patients about their health are considered central to the way they behave and respond to treatment. However, such beliefs are not specific to patients only – they can greatly influence the behaviour and reasoning of health professionals as well. Psychosocial influences such as beliefs are also relevant when considering society’s views regarding the aetiology of illness, recovery and potential for treatment.”

There are a variety of ways that your beliefs can affect your health, there are a variety of ways you develop beliefs and there are a variety of ways you can change your beliefs.  I’ll be sharing my views on each of these with a focus on changing your beliefs so that they serve you better in terms of your health and your ability to get out and explore.

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